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Proudly endorsed by these Boulder and Colorado leaders and community members


Rollie Heath, former Senate Majority Leader and Senate Education Committee member, former Chair and current member of State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education, and sponsor of Proposition 103


Josie Heath, former Boulder County Commissioner, President of the Community Foundation of Boulder County, and member of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.

Claire Levy_edited.jpg

Claire Levy, Boulder County Commissioner

Edie Big Pic(1).JPG

Edie Hooton, former State Representative for House District 10 and Vice Chair of the House Energy and Environment Committee

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst.jpg
Bob Hullinghorst.jpg

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, former State Representative for House District 10 and Speaker of the House

Bob Hullinghorst, former Boulder County Treasurer


Bob Yates, former Boulder City Council member and candidate for Boulder Mayor

Terri Brncic Headshot.jpg

Terri Brncic, former Boulder City Council candidate, Safe Zones 4 Kids initiative leader


Tara Winer, Boulder City Council


Hernán Villanueva, Ph.D.

former Chair of the City of Boulder Environmental Advisory Board, and

Contributor to the Daily Camera Community Editorial Board


Sam Weaver, former Boulder Mayor


Jennifer Livovich, previously chronically unsheltered high system user, nonprofit and community leader, and long time homeless, and more recently, treatment advocate.

Mark Wallach.jpg

Mark Wallach, Boulder City Council

Patty Delgado.jpg
David Stewart Framed.jpg

Patty Delgado, Boulder Valley Education Association President

David Stewart, Boulder Valley Education Association Vice President

Vicki Cowart.jpg

Vicki Cowart, former President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains; former Director of the Colorado Geologic Survey; member, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Leslie Durgin.jpg

Leslie Durgin, former Boulder Mayor, former Senior Vice President of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Dee Perry.jpg

Dee Perry, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains "Boulder Breakfast" co-chair, Boulder Community Health Board of Trustees

Mary Young.jpg

Mary Young, former Boulder City Council member

Lisa Morzel with mug.jpg

Lisa Morzel, former Boulder City Council member, US Geological Survey research geologist


Hollie Rogin, Mayor of Lyons

Jenny Robins.jpg

Jenny Robins, Boulder Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and former City Council Candidate


Cindy Carlisle, former Boulder City Council member and University of Colorado Regent for the Second Congressional District


Susan Osborne, former Boulder Mayor

Terri Mulford.jpg

Terri Mulford, former Boulder Valley Education Association president

Kathy G.jpg
Tina Marquis.jpg

Kathy Gebhardt, former BVSD School Board president, former Colorado Association of School Boards president, National Association of School Boards Board of Directors

Tina Marquis, former BVSD School Board president, current Boulder City Council member

Laurie Albright former BVSD School Board president

William & Barbara.jpg

Barbara Demmig-Adams, Professor of Distinction & Honors Director of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, CU, Boulder; Member of the joint National Academies of Sciences of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

William W. Adams III, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, CU, Boulder

Cyndra Dietz.jpg

Cyndra Dietz, former Director of EcoCycle Recycling and Environmental Education Programs

Cindy Stevenson.jpg

Cindy Stevenson, former Jeffco Schools and Boulder Valley Schools Superintendent, Adjunct Professor at UC-Denver School of Education, Chair of the CU-Boulder School of Education Development Advisory Board

Nicole Rajpal.jpg

Nicole Rajpal, Boulder Valley School Board President


Stan Garnett, former BVSD Board President, District Attorney for Colorado's 20th Judicial District in Boulder, and candidate for Colorado Attorney General

Crystal Gray.jpg

Crystal Gray, former Boulder City Council member

Marcus Pennell.jpg

Marcus Pennell, Public Employees' Retirement Association Board Chair


Jeff Mitton, Emeritus Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CU

Mike Altenbern.jpg

Mike Altenbern, former Boulder Valley Education Association president

Wendy Rochman.jpg

Wendy Rochman, former Chair, BVSD Teachers Advisory Council, former BVSD art teacher

Judy Pieken.jpg

Judy Pieken, former Chair, BVSD Special Education Advisory Committee

Kelly Reeser.jpg

Kelly Reeser, former Peak to Peak Charter School Executive Director, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment Teacher Externship Specialist

Michelle Brenner.jpg

Michelle Brenner, Executive Director Special Education BVSD, Colorado Inclusive Higher Education Board member

Chuck Sisk.jpg

Chuck Sisk, former Louisville Mayor, former RTD Board member

Susan Marine.jpg

Susan Marine, former CU Health Sciences Center faculty, former advocacy chair and current board member with Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado

Barbara Kase.jpg

Barbara Ellwanger Kase, Boulder Valley Paraeducators' Association President

Jim Hooton.jpg

Jim Hooton, "I Have a Dream" Foundation Board Chair, Citizens' Climate Lobby State Coordinator

Katie David.jpg

Katie David, incoming Boulder Valley Education Association Vice President

Dawn Reinfeld.jpg

Dawn Reinfeld executive director of Blue Rising and founding member of Stop Antisemitism

Kenneth Nova.jpg

Kenneth Nova Boulder Valley Education Association (Retired Chapter) President

Also endorsed by these community leaders

Andrew Shoemaker - former Boulder City Council and Mayor Pro Tem

Bill Rigler - former Boulder Transportation Advisory Board Chair

Bruce Messinger - former Boulder Valley School District Superintendent

Denny McCloskey - former Broomfield City Council

George Karakehian - former Boulder City Council

Guillermo Barriga - former PERA Trustee

Henry Roman - former Denver Classroom Teachers' Association President

Jan Burton - former Boulder City Council

Janice Marchman - State Senator, Boulder/Larimer Counties; Vice Chair, Senate Education Committee

Jason Unger - Boulder Valley School Board

Jennie Belval - former Boulder Valley School Board

Joan Fitz-Gerald - former Colorado Senate President

Joe Sleeper - former Boulder Valley School District Asst. Sup. for Operations, Interim Superintendent

Jorge Chavez - Boulder Valley School Board

Julie Friedemann - PERA Trustee

Kenneth Nova - President, Boulder Valley Education Association - Retired

Kitty Sargent - Boulder Valley School Board

Lalenia Quinlan Aweida - Boulder Valley School Board

Leigh Campbell-Hale - former Boulder Valley Education Association Vice President

Lindsey Daugherty - State Representative, Adams/Jefferson Counties; Chair, House Health & Human Services Committee

Mark McIntyre - Boulder Planning Board

Michael Leccese - Boulder Housing Advisory Board Chair

Mike Feeley - former Colorado State Senator

Nate Geroche - PERA Trustee

Rachel Friend - former Boulder City Council

Ronnie Pelusio - Boulder Landmarks Board

Sarah Silver - Boulder Planning Board

Stacey Zis - former Boulder Valley School Board

Steve Pomerance - former Boulder City Council

Suzanne Kubec - PERA Board Vice Chair

And a growing list of organizations . . .

BVEA Logo.jpg
CEA Logo.jpg
Colorado Medical Political Action Committee.jpeg
COFV vaccine hero seal 2024.png
Gun Sense Candidate Logo_edited.png
Mental Health Now Logo_edited.png
Pipefitters' Logo.jpg

And many more endorsers from our Boulder and Colorado communities!

Aaron Hendrikson ▪️ Alan Rogers ▪️ Alison Boggs ▪️ Alison Richards ▪️ Allyn Feinberg ▪️ Alysia Hayas ▪️ Amy Paa-Rogers ▪️ Anne Weiher ▪️ Audrey Fishman Franklin ▪️ Barbara Bogner ▪️ Barbara Demmig-Adams ▪️ Barbara Kase ▪️ Barbara Leaf ▪️ Batya Greenwald ▪️ Bea Hoverstock ▪️ Becky Escamilla ▪️ Beth Bogner ▪️ Beth Karpf ▪️ Betsy Hand ▪️ Bill Clebsch ▪️ Bill Gray ▪️ Bill Jellick ▪️ Bill Rigler ▪️ Bill White ▪️ Bob Hullinghorst ▪️ Bob Hunnes ▪️ Bob Morehouse ▪️ Bob Yates ▪️ Bobby Biles ▪️ Bobby Brown ▪️ Bruce Morley ▪️ Carol Adams ▪️ Carolyn Usher ▪️ Cass Gassman ▪️ Charley Hale ▪️ Charlie Hoffman ▪️ Chris Goodman ▪️ Chris Myatt ▪️ Christine English ▪️ Chuck Hunker ▪️ Chuck Sherman ▪️ Chuck Sisk ▪️ Cindy Carlisle ▪️ Cindy Ward ▪️ Cindy Stevenson ▪️ Claire Levy ▪️ Conrad Lattes ▪️ Craig Mulford ▪️ Crystal Gray ▪️ Dan Corson ▪️ Dana James ▪️ David Hazen ▪️ David King ▪️ Deanne Fujii ▪️ Deb Craven ▪️ Debbie Valette ▪️ Dee Perry ▪️ Dennis Arfmann ▪️ Denny McCloskey ▪️ Dickey Lee Hullinghorst ▪️ Edie Hooton ▪️ Elizabeth J Black ▪️ Ellen Miller-Brown ▪️ Emily Reynolds ▪️ Eric Ayrault ▪️ Erin Shea-Bower ▪️ George Karakehian ▪️ George Roche ▪️ Ginny Corsi ▪️ Gloria Icoffe ▪️ Greg Evans ▪️ Guillermo Barriga ▪️ Henry Roman ▪️ Hollie Rogin ▪️ Holly Kyed ▪️ Isaac Velander ▪️ Jan Lagomarsino Brummett ▪️ Jana Simpson ▪️ Jane Butcher ▪️ Jason Oeltjen ▪️ Jason Unger ▪️ Jay Donaghy ▪️ Jay Johnson ▪️ Jean Rosmarin ▪️ Jeannette Hillery ▪️ Jeff Reeser ▪️ Jeff Smith ▪️ Jeffrey Kash ▪️ Jennie Belval ▪️ Jennifer Rhodes ▪️ Jesse Carver ▪️ Jessie Velander ▪️ Jill Gartland ▪️ Jill McIntyre ▪️ Jim Butterworth ▪️ Jim Hooton ▪️ Jim Reed ▪️ Joan Fitz-Gerald ▪️ Joan Nagel ▪️ Joe Sleeper ▪️ Joel Smith ▪️ John Balassa ▪️ John Zola ▪️ Jonathan Dings ▪️ Jorge Chavez ▪️ Josie Heath ▪️ Judy Pieken ▪️ Julie Friedemann ▪️ Julie Walker ▪️ Karen Halverson ▪️ Karen Hollweg ▪️ Karen Malacalza ▪️ Kate Lacroix ▪️ Kathy Gebhardt ▪️ Kathy Kotnour ▪️ Katie Hines ▪️ Katy Yates ▪️ Kay Cee Jacobson ▪️ Kelly Reeser ▪️ Lalenia Quinlan Aweida ▪️ Laura Cornacchione ▪️ Laura Osborn ▪️ Laurie Albright ▪️ Leigh Campbell-Hale ▪️ Leslie Durgin ▪️ Lindsay Kervan ▪️ Lisa Morzel ▪️ Lisa Spalding ▪️ Liz Padilla ▪️ Lori Hattendorf ▪️ Lyn Ciocca ▪️ Lyra Mayfield ▪️ Machal Gillach ▪️ Marco Cornacchione ▪️ Marcus Pennell ▪️ Mark McIntyre ▪️ Mark Posthumus ▪️ Mark Wallach ▪️ Marsha McClanahan ▪️ Mary McCafferty ▪️ Mary Dolores Young ▪️ Meg Hansen ▪️ Michael Lawless ▪️ Michelle Brenner ▪️ Michelle Fredson ▪️ Mindy Miller ▪️ Mike Altenbern ▪️ Mike Feeley ▪️ Mike Schreiner ▪️ Mitch Stahl ▪️ Mo Breed ▪️ Molly Goodsell ▪️ Morgan O'Brien ▪️ Nance Helmig ▪️ Nancy Kellogg ▪️ Nancy Kornblum ▪️ Natalie Trombly ▪️ Nate Folsom ▪️ Nate Geroche ▪️ Nicole Donnelly ▪️ Nicole Rajpal ▪️ Patricia Dean ▪️ Paula King ▪️ Peggy Sands ▪️ Peter Lundskow ▪️ Peter Mayer ▪️ Rachel Friend ▪️ Rhonda Davie ▪️ Richard Valenty ▪️ Rob Chesher ▪️ Rollie Heath ▪️ Ronnie Pelusio ▪️ Rosie Pfenning ▪️ Ryan Espuga ▪️ Sally Hatcher ▪️ Sandra Farkas ▪️ Sandra Sonoda ▪️ Sara Goldenberg White ▪️ Sara Mitton ▪️ Sarah Silver ▪️ Sean Kendall ▪️ Shanna Lawless ▪️ Shari Roth ▪️ Sharon Posthumus ▪️ Sophie Ramus ▪️ Stacey Zis ▪️ Stan Garnett ▪️ Stan Kyed ▪️ Steph Smith ▪️ Stephanie Potter ▪️ Steve Morgan ▪️ Steve Pomerance ▪️ Sue Seecof ▪️ Susan Allman ▪️ Susan Conversano ▪️ Susan Marine ▪️ Susan Osborne ▪️ Susan Simonds ▪️ Susie Bosley ▪️ Suzanne Kubec ▪️ Tabitha Carver-Roberts ▪️ Tara Winer ▪️ Teddy Weverka ▪️ Terri Brncic ▪️ Terri Mulford ▪️ Terry Escamilla ▪️ Terry Gillach ▪️ Tiana Gray ▪️ Tianru Shao ▪️ Tim Crook ▪️ Tim Donnelly ▪️ Tina Kleidon ▪️ Tina Marquis ▪️ Tom Potter ▪️ Vicki Cowart ▪️ Wendy Rochman ▪️ William Adams ▪️ Yongmin Chen ▪️

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