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Former House District 10 Representative, Edie Hooton

It is my great pleasure to endorse Tina Mueh for the House District 10 seat without reservation! Having worked directly with state legislators for six years, it’s obvious to me that Tina’s background will help make her immediately effective at the Capitol. As a staunch supporter of reproductive rights myself, I fully trust she will protect these fundamental rights from any attack we might face. She’s a scientist and a wonderful and beloved BVSD science educator, and we’ll need her practice of scientific thought to address the existential threat of climate change. Tina brings a unique combination of knowledge and an even-keeled personal approach to the table. I know she’ll do a fantastic job representing our district and our state.

  • Edie Hooton, former State Representative for House District 10 and Vice Chair of the House Energy and Environment Committee

We are happy to endorse and support Tina’s candidacy for the Colorado State Legislature in House District 10.  Tina has the policy and leadership knowledge and experience that is needed to well represent all residents of HD 10 and to provide the kind of progressive leadership that will move Colorado forward.

  • Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, former State Representative for House District 10 and Speaker of the House

  • Bob Hullinghorst, former Boulder County Treasurer

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Bob Hullinghorst.jpg
Former Senate President, Rollie Heath

I’ve worked side-by-side with Tina Mueh on countless issues, and I have full confidence that she’s got the character it takes to be a fantastic State Representative. We’ve stood together in tough battles to support the best education Colorado can provide, because we both know quality education is our future. As a science educator and former BVEA President, her education decisions at the Capitol will be borne of deep experience. Tina listens, she does her homework, and she’s already proven she will roll up her sleeves and do what it takes to get results when the going gets tough. I hope you’ll join me in supporting her!

  • Rollie Heath, former Senate Majority Leader and Senate Education Committee member, former Chair and current member of State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education, and sponsor of Proposition 103

Tina Mueh has my complete support in the House District 10 race, and she’s earned it with her tireless work and devotion to our state and our community. She comes to this table ready to serve, with an extraordinary package of talents and experience. This includes years of direct involvement in some of the most important issues facing state government: education, science and climate, reproductive rights, retirement systems, and labor. Plus, she’s extremely locally involved and has raised a family of her own in Boulder. Tina’s a top-notch candidate and I have absolutely no doubt she’ll be a great Representative!

  • Josie Heath, former Boulder County Commissioner, President of the Community Foundation of Boulder County, and member of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.

Former County Commissioner, Josie Heath

About Leadership

Former BVSD Sup., Cindy Stevenson

I had the great good fortune to work with Tina Mueh for a year.  I served as superintendent of Boulder Valley Schools while she was president of the Boulder Valley Education Association,  I can recommend Tina for the Colorado Legislature without hesitation.  The reasons for my enthusiastic recommendation include the following. 

  • Tina is truly a valuable team member.  She sees the “big picture” and supports the accomplishment of organizational goals.

  • Tina works in a collaborative manner.  She brings teams together to consider and to solve organizational problems.

  • Tina is an intelligent community member.  She has great insight and understands both the evident and hidden aspects of situations. 

  • Tina is strong at posing a variety of alternative solutions to problems and conflicts. 

  • Tina is well loved by those with whom she works and by those who watch her work. 

  • Tina is kind and thoughtful in her work with her teams and with those on other teams.  Her human relation skills are unmatched. 

The State of Colorado would be fortunate to have Tina as a legislator.  She would bring energy and commitment to her service.

  • Cindy Stevenson, former Jeffco Schools and Boulder Valley Schools Superintendent, Adjunct Professor at UC-Denver School of Education, Chair of the CU-Boulder School of Education Development Advisory Board

Tina’s professional experience makes her uniquely qualified to address the current challenges and opportunities in Colorado’s public education system.  Tina can be trusted to engage and collaborate with her constituents and stakeholders before drafting or supporting legislation; this will help ensure she is being responsive to, and advocating for, the interests of our community.

  • Nicole Rajpal, Boulder Valley School Board President

Nicole Rajpal.jpg
Claire Levy.jpg

Over the many years that I have known Tina, she has been a passionate advocate for women’s health and education. She will bring a thoughtful voice to the state legislature.

  • Claire Levy, Boulder County Commissioner

Tina is a proven leader and has been a tireless advocate for issues affecting our children and families for many years. Her science background and problem solving experience, listening and weighing multiple sides of complex issues, make her extremely well qualified to represent us at the state legislature.

  • Susan Osborne, former Boulder Mayor

Former mayor, Susan Osborne
Leslie Durgin.jpg

Tina and I have worked together on a number of vital community issues. She is smart, caring and committed. Tina will ably represent the priorities and concerns of this district, the larger community and the state in the Legislature. I am happy to add my name to so many others endorsing Tina.

  • Leslie Durgin, former Boulder Mayor and Senior Vice President of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

I'm endorsing Tina because I believe her experience and thoughtful consideration of the issues that affect all Coloradans will be a boon to both the Legislature and to the people of Colorado.

  • Hollie Rogin, Mayor of Lyons


Tina Mueh has the qualities to make a top-notch Representative for House District 10, and I’m
proud to offer my endorsement. Her backgrounds in education and science are obviously great
attributes, but the processes required in both are also quite relevant. In education, a profession
that’s near and dear to me, educators must know their subjects but also work in collaboration
with students and parents, administrators, faculty, and staff. Scientists know how to research in
great detail, with an eye on finding accurate solutions to complex challenges. With Tina, we will
benefit from a legislator with both people skills and the ability to get technical – a great
equation that will yield quality results for HD10 and the State of Colorado.

  • Cindy Carlisle, former Boulder City Council member and University of Colorado Regent for the Second Congressional District

Tina has been part of our family's life since she taught science to our sons more than 20 years ago. Tina is smart, thoughtful, and caring. Most importantly, Tina listens. I have served in elected office for eight years, and, in that time, I have developed a sense for who will represent our community well. Tina will. I urge you to join me in supporting Tina as our next representative in the state legislature. You will be proud to have Tina representing us.

  • Bob Yates, former Boulder City Councilmember and Candidate for Boulder Mayor

Former mayoral candidate, Bob Yates
Former Boulder D.A., Stan Garnett

As former Boulder Valley School Board President, Boulder District Attorney, and candidate for Colorado Attorney General, I know the leadership style needed to get things done.  Tina is just that leader.  She was the most relational and innovative president the Boulder Valley Education Association ever had during my time working with and watching that organization.  She’s talented at consensus building, and she’s willing to take unpopular positions when that’s the right thing to do.  She seeks the counsel of expert partners, advocates, and stakeholders when deciding how to approach an issue, and she’s done impactful work in many critical arenas.  Tina is the right person to represent us in House District 10, and I’m proud to endorse her.

  • Stan Garnett, former BVSD Board President, District Attorney for Colorado's 20th Judicial District in Boulder, and candidate for Colorado Attorney General

About Science & the Environment

Beautiful picture of a pristine mountain lake.

We are excited to lend our enthusiastic support to Dr. Tina Mueh for Boulder representative to the Colorado House.  There are so many issues and proposals before the legislature that require the ability to not only make evidence-based assessments but also communicate effectively about science and other complex issues to diverse audiences.  We have had the opportunity to observe that Tina, who obtained her PhD with us, combines both of these skills to a high degree.  We also know that she is a caring, compassionate, and courageous leader with a clear vision for a bright future for Colorado.  Tina will be able to draw from her intimate knowledge of the scientific process as well as her exposure to both rigorous and discipline-transcending research.  At the same time, she is a gifted educator, able to transparently disseminate complex content.  With climate change and multiple other environmental as well as social challenges before us, we must elect leaders like Tina.  She will be an outstanding legislator, and we are proud to endorse her.

  • Barbara Demmig-Adams, Professor of Distinction & Honors Director of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, CU, Boulder; Member of the joint National Academies of Sciences of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

  • William W. Adams III, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, CU, Boulder

Student graduates of Centennial Middle School over the past three decades are some of the most environmentally literate in Boulder County due to the high level of participation by Tina and her 6th grade teaching partners in Ecocycle’s school recycling and environmental education program, spanning a wide variety of topics from forest ecology to energy and water conservation to recycling and composting and zero waste.  Tina has been key in keeping environmental education a strong part of the Centennial Middle School curriculum.

  • Cyndra Dietz, former Director of EcoCycle Recycling and Environmental Education Programs

About Reproductive Health & Justice

Rally at the U.S. Capitol for Reproductive Health & Justice.
  • Vicki Cowart, former President & CEO, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains; former Director, Colorado Geologic Survey; member, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

Tina was a wonderfully engaged and passionate trustee of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Board for many years, and she continues to champion PPRM locally in Boulder through her work putting together the annual Boulder Breakfast fundraiser.  She ably chaired the board of our political action arm, the PPRM Action Fund, working to create processes for candidate and issue endorsement, as well as actively participating in candidate interviews.  She stood with this organization through difficult, heart wrenching challenges, and she continues to be a strong advocate for PPRM’s mission.  Thank you, Tina, for everything you’ve done to help ensure access to reproductive healthcare for all, no matter what!

Although reproductive health care is available in our state, it’s important to make sure cost is not a burden to vulnerable populations, and this is true in our own Boulder County.  Having co-chaired with Tina Mueh the planning committee for the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ annual Boulder Breakfast for several years now,  I can confidently say that Tina is committed to doing the hard work necessary to support PPRM’s critical mission of providing that care in our own community.  She is extremely well organized, collaborative, and has the communication skills and excellent leadership qualities that have made our event so successful.  She is well respected in the community and a dedicated advocate and organizer!

  • Dee Perry, Boulder Breakfast co-chair; Boulder Community Health Board of Trustees

About Education Advocacy and Leadership

A classroom of students

We are three current and former BVSD school board presidents who’ve worked extensively with Tina Mueh in her role as BVEA President.  Her insights into ways to ensure that all students have the opportunity to thrive and that work environments for over 4000 employees promote healthy and positive outcomes have vastly improved BVSD.  The skills she uses to improve education will be highly beneficial when she addresses other challenges that Colorado faces.  We wish her success in this race and believe that her commitment to public education in Colorado will be a benefit to students throughout the state.

  • Kathy Gebhardt, current BVSD School Board president

  • Tina Marquis and Laurie Albright, former BVSD School Board presidents

As the Boulder Valley Education Association president, Tina brought an unconventional approach to her leadership which resulted in widespread respect throughout our community.  She spearheaded a collaborative relationship with the Boulder Valley School District, resulting in moving away from adversarial relationships and tactics such as “blue-flu” and “working to contract.”  She lobbied and testified at the Legislature and encouraged other educators to become involved.  Tina is a great leader who pushes us to bring forth all voices, not just those voices which traditionally hold sway.  She is inspirational, courageous, trustworthy, has integrity, honesty, humility, and determination.  When she approaches problems, she not only asks why, but why not?

  • Patty Delgado and David Stewart, current BVEA president and vice president

  • Terri Mulford, former BVEA president

Tina was my son's science teacher and President of my Teacher's Union. As a teacher, she is knowledgeable, personable and respectful of students. As President of the Teacher's Union. Tina successfully advocated not just for improved conditions for students and staff, but also for better working relationships among administration and staff. Tina was key to founding the Special Education Advisory Committee which allows specialists and teachers a strong voice in working proactively with administration to discuss and resolve issues and concerns. Invite Tina over for a chat; she cares, listens and asks good questions. Tina is an effective leader and will be a great representative for House District 10!

  • Judy Pieken, former Chair, BVSD Special Education Advisory Committee

Brilliant, pragmatic and willing to work on solutions, not fights.

  • Joe Sleeper, former BVSD Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Interim Superintendent

I have known and admired Tina Mueh for decades. And now she’s running for the Colorado state house. Yes!!!! Her dedication, brilliance, and spot-on analysis combined with compassion and passion are all qualities we need in a leader. I can think of no candidate I have ever supported more heartily than Tina Mueh. It’s Time for Tina!!

  • Wendy Rochman, former Chair, BVSD Teachers Advisory Council

About Workers’ Rights and Retirement Security

Rally at the Colorado Capitol for better teacher pay and support

I am pleased to endorse Tina Mueh for House District 10. Tina’s experiences as a career master teacher and a strong leader for the Boulder Valley Education Association have prepared her to become an effective state legislator. I have worked with Tina in Consensus Bargaining for the teacher contract and on the Political Action Committee. I find that she listens to people, understands the issues, builds relationships and gets things done. Given her proven leadership and experience, Tina will be an outstanding representative for House District 10.

  • Mike Altenbern, former president, Boulder Valley Education Association

Tina was a collaborative and supportive leader when we worked for the Associations representing all educators at BVSD. One of her greatest strengths is that she listens and actively works to resolve concerns through understanding, effective communication and collaboration. Highly respected by her colleagues and other leaders, she will be an effective representative for House District 10.

  • Barbara Ellwanger Kase - former president, Boulder Valley Paraeducators Association

Pennies saved in a jar, representing retirement savings

I’ve served with Tina Mueh on the board of PERA for many years, and she is a strong advocate for Colorado's public employees. In all issues we’ve tackled as a board, she seeks to understand, and then to act, building consensus along the way. Whatever the challenge, Tina is someone you want with you to face it. Simply put, Tina does the right thing for the right reasons.

  • Marcus Pennell, Board Chair, Public Employees Retirement Association

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