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Head shot of Tina Mueh
Tina Mueh for House District 10 logo

As an engaged Democrat, I've worked at the grassroots level on numerous local and state issues. 

I've participated in and organized post card and letter writing campaigns, phone banks, signature gathering, door knocking, and more for candidates and initiatives.

Writing letters for Prop 103
Fair Tax Initiative Petition Signing Table
Kathy Gebhardt's School Board Campaign
Gathering Education Funding Signatures at Comicon
Tina Mueh with Patty Delgado
Joe Neguse with Tina Mueh
Boulder Valley School District Bond Campaign
Tina Mueh, Wendy Davis, and Terri Mulford
Tina Mueh with KC Becker at the Capitol
Tina Mueh Testifying at Senate Ed Committee
My daughter, Mary, at a Colorado Capitol rally about not tying teacher pay and accreditation to test scores.
Tina Mueh at the Capitol with 9 News

I've testified and lobbied at the Capitol and worked closely with elected officials on education and reproductive rights issues.

Teacher Leaders with Jared Polis
Tina Mueh and Pete Dawson leading a march for reproductive rights after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Deborah Swearingen, Boulder Daily Camera, June 25, 2022.

Teacher Leaders with Candidates and Elected Leaders

I've worked to support and elevate progressive programs and organizations

Leanne Frey, Tina Mueh, and Lisa Weil at Great Education Event
Great Education School Funding Presentation at BVEA AR Meeting
Michelle Carpenter and Tina Mueh at Pathways2Teaching Presentation
John Tayer, Dee Perry, and Tina Mueh at PPRM's Boulder Breakfast
Tina Mueh Speaking at PPRM's Boulder Breakfast Event
Kerri Dallman and Tina Mueh at CU Basketball for Read Across America
Tina Mueh Accepting Award at Impact on Education Event
Tina Mueh with Dennis Creese at KGNU for the Labor Exchange
Tina Mueh with Becky Houghten, Joi-Lin Russell, and Terri Mulford at Dems Truman Dinner
Laurie Albright, Tina Mueh, Stephanie Potter, Mary Mueh, and Jesse Carver at Boulder County Fair Parade

I'm a proud member of BoCo Dem Women, and an engaged participant in our Boulder County Democratic Party.

Lynn Guissinger, Aaron Brockett, and Tina Mueh at a parade with Boulder County Democrats
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