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Ballots arrive in early June, vote by June 25th!


Why I'm running

A collage depicting education, workers' rights, climate & environment, and reproductive health & justice.


Four of the biggest issues that Boulder cares most deeply about - science and the environment, reproductive health and justice, education, and the rights and well-being of current and retired workers - are the areas in which I’ve done decades of meaningful and dedicated work.

My experience best fits our issues


After recently retiring from over 30 years of teaching, this seat will be my next full time endeavor.  I've served my community for decades as a public school educator, and I'm excited to begin this new chapter of service in the Colorado legislature.

My full focus is on this job

An interactive map showing the boundaries of House District 10

To represent all of the diverse voices of HD10

People in House District 10 hold a spectrum of opinions about the issues we face locally and at the state level. I acknowledge and embrace these diverse and disparate voices, and I respect and value all as part of our collective HD10 voice.

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