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Vote Yes on Proposition HH this November!

Beginning with Proposition 103 over a decade ago, I’ve actively supported the many education funding initiatives attempted in our state. As the leader of our teachers’ union, I engaged hundreds of educators and community members to carry petitions. I’ve spoken at gatherings, and I’ve spent countless hours at our Boulder Farmers’ Market and other busy public spaces to educate people about the sorry state of Colorado’s school funding, to collect their signatures, and to encourage their votes. As we head into this year’s election season, I’m optimistic about and endorsing Proposition HH, Colorado’s current opportunity to dig out of our school funding hole.

In short, Prop HH will provide Coloradans with critical property tax relief, but since schools and some other services (e.g. libraries, fire districts, etc.) are largely funded through property taxes, the state will backfill those losses using a tiny portion (1%) of the surplus revenue it collects but would otherwise send back to taxpayers in the form of TABOR refunds. After the backfill, up to $20 million will be dedicated to helping with rental assistance, and funds will also be deposited into the State Education Fund - an important step toward reducing the $10 billion siphoned off from monies promised to Colorado students when Amendment 23 passed in 2000.

One of my favorite places to learn about things like this is the Bell Policy Center, and you can also check out the Great Education Colorado and Yes on HH websites for more information. I encourage everyone to vote yes on Proposition HH!

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