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Thankful for our Mueh family kids!

My brother complains that all of my blog posts are campaign-related.  So here’s a slightly less campaigny reflection about the kids in the Mueh family, all with us at Thanksgiving.

All of these kids are in or just through college (except my daughter, Mary, who’s a freshman at Boulder High), and three of them go/went to CU here in Boulder.  Zoe is a great student and artist who wants to become a tattoo artist.  Henri is studying physics.  Max is an Air Force ROTC grad, headed to Texas for intelligence training.  Hans and his girlfriend, Ellen, are aspiring musical theater actors about to graduate from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.  They’re all thoughtful, engaging people, headed in meaningful and fulfilling directions, and they’re all completely different.

I heard a lot during the 2023 election about how younger people vote this way, and older people vote this way.  Well, at one end of these fine people is a Libertarian who talks to me about the upside of Ron DeSantis (!?!!) (and it's not Max), and at the other end is one who actively calls out bias whenever it crops up in family discussions, so in our family, that belief about the homogeneity of young people isn’t true.  I love and am thankful for all of our family kids. I listen with respect to all of them, it's a joy to witness their thoughts and voices expand and evolve over time, and I hope they all become engaged, lifelong voters!     

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