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Proud to Walk in Louisville’s Labor Day Parade

I proudly wore this shirt during Monday’s Louisville Labor Day Parade. These are the logos of the four educators’ unions in our Boulder Westminster Unit. When the educators of Boulder Valley elected me president of the Boulder Valley Education Association, they voted to enter a new era of labor peace. They voted to usher out blue flus and other foot-stomping job actions and to welcome relational organizing and unionism. The BVEA President would now hold a seat at the BVSD Superintendent’s Cabinet, and the voice of Boulder Valley educators became part of every major District decision. BVEA now works with BVSD to elevate professionalism, compensate professionals appropriately (BVSD educators are by many measures the highest paid in the state), and to ensure that BVSD students benefit from a world-class public education system. Enduring changes like this come only through enduring relationships, and I’m proud of the many talented and dedicated BVEA leaders - including former BVEA President, Terri Mulford, and current President and Vice President, Patty Delgado and David Stewart - who succeeded me and champion these values today.

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Laurie Albright
Laurie Albright
Sep 11, 2023

As you marched in the parade I hope you were remembering the significant improvements you made to employment relationships between BVSD and its employees. We went from having contentious, unpleasant negotiations to having productive and respectful discussions. Everyone benefited. You're a true labor leader.

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