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Protecting the Financial Well-Being of Our Colorado Public Servants

I spent last Friday and Monday of this week at the Colorado Capitol in conversation with the other members of the General Assembly’s Pension Review Subcommittee. This committee is made up of 14 legislators and appointees (I am Senate President Steve Fenberg’s appointee) and is charged with studying and making recommendations to the legislature about Colorado’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA). After two days of meaningful and respectful conversation and debate, our committee 1) finalized a letter to be shared with all Coloradans about the status of PERA - it’s on a solid financial path forward; and 2) recommended legislation to provide tax relief to PERA retirees most affected by cuts to their cost of living increases. Thanks to Rep. Eliza Hamrick, chair, and Sen. Chris Kolker, vice-chair, for their leadership.

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