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I'm officially a candidate for Colorado House District 10 on the June Democratic Primary ballot!

Manning my table at Saturday's Boulder County Democratic Assembly

Check out this great article from the Boulder Reporting Lab about Saturday’s Boulder County Democratic Party Assembly!

I happily accepted a nomination and second from esteemed Boulder leaders, Dee Perry and Kathy Gebhardt, and then I was honored to be voted onto the Democratic Primary ballot in June by the House District 10 delegates.

Signing to accept my designation as candidate

I learned days before the Assembly that the Secretary of State approved 1,286 of my petition signatures, so I qualified for the ballot that way too.

Still, I wanted to participate fully in the caucus and assembly process to personally appeal for the support of the delegates and party leaders who do so much for our Democratic Party and work so hard to realize our values in Boulder County.

Through Saturday’s speeches (well-chosen snippets of which are in the BRL article), voters can begin to delineate candidate positions, qualifications, and leadership styles.  I’m proud to be the candidate advocating for inclusive, thoughtful progress without leaving anybody out of the conversation.  We should move forward together as opposed to pushing policy that bulldozes past the worries and wishes of so many in our community.  As I was quoted in the article, “I feel strongly that everyone in House District 10 deserves care and respect and voice. Not just the extremes or part of us, but all of us.”

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